Andrei Kuraev: nostalgia for the Soviet Union similar to the effect of the drug

Andrei Kuraev: nostalgia for the Soviet Union similar to the effect of the drug

A theologian and deacon of the Russian Orthodox Church Andrei Kuraev compares the nostalgia for the USSR with the drug, because the people who lived in conditions of unfreedom, is now among the “dreamers”. This opinion he expressed in the ether “Echo of Moscow”.

“Those people who have had real life experience in the USSR in the late Soviet Union, with its shortages, queues, its secrecy, lack of freedom of information and police registration and other things — why are these people suddenly find themselves among dreamers? It’s weird. But it should be, we are talking about drugs,” — said Kuraev.

According to the theologian a sense of his own greatness for such people “more important than the refrigerator.” All the arguments they have added Kuraev, is the answer “but we were afraid.”

The theologian is confident that people are willing to make any sacrifice that they had “a great sense”. Therefore, they are nostalgic not so much for the Soviet Union, as a global ideology, said Kuraev.

A theologian I am sure that in Russian society for many centuries, dominated by the idea of messianism in Russia.

“Let me in torn boots, but give me an idea, the label on his chest that I light advanced people, progressive mankind I do, and I carry the light, I’m saved”, — he said.

Kuraev said that the Russian authorities tried to create a General idea, “on the ruins of Orthodoxy.” In his opinion, they wanted to organize an “international reactionaries” with President Vladimir Putin in the face of “moral leader”. But in recent years, according to Kuraev, the implementation of this idea is “not very wrong”.