Stuck in the window frame cat became a new hero memes

Stuck in the window frame cat became a new hero memes

Otherwise it could not be.

A Twitter user under the nickname @xeropls has published several photos of the rescue operation to rescue the cat that was stuck between the window and a big sign.

— ??? (@xeropls) 19 Dec 2018

The author does not explain what is happening, but when the post became popular, in comments came to witness this story, which explained that the caudate is the tenant theme koto-cafe in China.


— J. Casillas (@TCMaverick06) 20 December 2018.


In the photo you can see that the cat in this position was quite comfortable and to go anywhere he wasn’t going, but because of his mustachioed face in the few seconds that lasted a rescue operation, reflected a lot of emotions. Of course, pictures with the cat Twitter users immediately took on memes.

— Lidia Infante (@LidiaInfanteM) 20 December 2018.

Toxic relationships with men, I, my therapist

I couldn’t resist…

— R – ดูไบโอด้วย (@thammarith) 20 December 2018.

I couldn’t resist

— alexandra (@alexandrattran) 20 December 2018.

My bed, me, school, work, family parties

— ᗰIKᗩ-ᑢᕼᑘ (@MikaAzmi) 20 December 2018.

Happiness, money, weight loss I depression

— Adolfina García (@AdolfinaGO) 20 December 2018.

I, Christmas

— Anthony Neil (@Talases) 20 December 2018.

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