Repair of “Admiral Kuznetsov” demanded “exotic solutions”

Repair of “Admiral Kuznetsov” demanded “exotic solutions”

Repair is the only Russian aircraft carrier “Admiral Kuznetsov”, which was used drowned in October, floating dock PD-50, will be continued by one of the four options said “Kommersant” the President of “United shipbuilding Corporation” (USC) Alexey Rakhmanov.

According to the top Manager, each of the considered options “has its own price and its own characteristics”. The first involves “the acquisition of the dock where it is available.” The second possibility involves the docking of “Admiral Kuznetsov” in one of the existing transmission structures. “Plus there are a couple of exotic solutions, which don’t want to talk, you first need to perform a number of geological and engineering research,” said USC President.

Rakhmanov assured that the Corporation has two possible date for re-docking. “The first summer of 2019, the second taking into account the redistribution of the work order on the cruiser — late spring or early summer of 2020. Waiting for decisions from all parties involved and we will think what to do,” said the Manager.

In November it was reported that the cause of the accident the PD-50 could be not a problem with the power supply system as claimed in USC, and mechanical destruction of the weld on one of the compartments of the floating dock.

In October, the 82nd shipyard in Roslyakovo settlement (Murmansk region), where they repaired the aircraft carrier “Admiral Kuznetsov”, sank floating dock PD-50. While on the dock fell two tower cranes, one of which broke the deck of an aircraft carrier, triggering the emergence of a hole measuring four by five meters.