In the U.S. Congress introduced a bill to ban the killing of cats for scientific purposes

In the U.S. Congress introduced a bill to ban the killing of cats for scientific purposes

Democratic Senator Jeff Merk and Republican Congressman Mike Bishop introduced in both houses of Congress a bill banning researchers from the Department of agriculture (USDA) to kill the kittens, which are used for scientific purposes. It was on December 20 told CNN.

“USDA raises to 100 kittens a year, feeds them infested meat to collect the eggs of parasites, which will be used in other experiments and then, kills kittens,” said Merk. According to him, the new bill called KITTEN (“Kitty”) will stop this process.

According to Merck, he talked to vets who said that after the experiments, the kittens can be given to the American family. Experts said that cats can be cured of the parasite, so they do not threaten human health.

For the first time to prohibit the USDA to kill cats and kittens after experiments suggested the Congressman from the Republican party Mike Bishop. In may, he sent the Ministry a letter demanding an explanation. According to him, his “shocked” that the organization, which should improve the living conditions of animals relates to their lives.

A Ministry spokesman told CNN that the figure of 100 kittens “greatly exaggerated”. He added that USDA is trying to reduce the number of animals that need authority in order to grow the eggs of Toxoplasma. According to him, cats don’t give to shelters due to health risks.

That USDA “uses cats as the test tube,” said the organization of the White Coat Waste Project, which monitors the spending of taxpayers ‘ money. Its members studied the documents about the experiments of the Ministry and found that in the laboratory are killed each year and burn about 100 kittens.