Russia has found the climate weapon

Russia has found the climate weapon

Chinese scientists reported that Russia and China are working together on a project of ionization of the Earth atmosphere for scientific research. Both countries have already conducted experiments on the heating of the upper part of the air shell at an altitude of 500 kilometers. Newspaper South China Morning Post reports that the project could also be used for military purposes, although the researchers know nothing about it.

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As writes the edition, the experiments were carried out by the multifunction radio “sur”, designed to study the ionosphere shell with a high density of free electrons. It is located near the city of Vasilsursk, 150 kilometers from Nizhny Novgorod. 7 June in the atmosphere over the European part of Russia was caused by electromagnetic disturbances that have affected the area of 126 thousand square kilometers. At the site was 10 times more negatively charged particles than in the surrounding regions. On 12 June, the scientists increased the temperature of the ionized gas by more than a hundred degrees Celsius.

Disturbances in the ionosphere have been registered research satellite, Zhangheng-1, intended for monitoring of electromagnetic fields and waves in the atmosphere.

According to Chinese scholars, even a weak beam of radio radiation can cause a noticeable disturbance in the ionosphere.

A similar phenomenon can be observed prior to earthquakes, which makes Zhangheng-1 suitable for the prediction of natural disasters.

Although scientists said they were not aware of the possible application of the results of the experiment for military purposes, the publication writes that disturbances in the ionosphere can disrupt satellite communications potential enemy. Currently, China is building the equivalent of the Russian “Sura” and the American HAARP, which can ionize the atmosphere over the South China sea.