Japan will send a record $238 billion to strengthen the defense

Japan will send a record $238 billion to strengthen the defense

Japan adopted a new programme to strengthen national defense until 2029, AFP reports, citing the country’s defense Ministry. Only for the first five years for these purposes the government plans to spend 27 billion yen ($238 billion), which is 6.4% more than the previous budget.


In particular, the plan provides for the continuation of works on creation of the country’s first aircraft carrier-based helicopter “Izumo”. For this aircraft carrier for 10 years will buy 18 F-35B. In addition, Japan will deploy two ground-based missile Aegis Ashore.

The programme mentions the necessity of a strategic rivalry with China and Russia. “The United States remains the strongest world power, but competition between States increases, and we realize the importance of strategic rivalry with China and Russia who challenge the regional order,” — said in the text of the document.

Earlier, the Kremlin announced that Prime Minister Shinzo Abe may visit Russia on January 21. It is expected that during the visit he will discuss with Russian President Vladimir Putin a peace Treaty. With the offer of signing Mr Putin spoke in September at the Eastern economic forum.