Yabloko is aiming to the regions and the Duma

Yabloko is aiming to the regions and the Duma

“Apple” should get representation in Parliament following the state Duma elections of 2021. This is the task of the party on December 15-16, put it, the Federal Council. Apple in the next two years during the regional campaigns, we want to prove that “start to win” but to ensure victories, the party plans a “change of generations” and the establishment of communication with the public. The expert doubts that the liberal “Yabloko” fit in “conservative for change” that exists in Russian society.


The Federal Council of Yabloko announced “major reform” within the party. It provides a generational change, a change of working methods (public, citizens, business, media) while maintaining the installations of the “Yabloko” on the idea of “social liberalism, democratic values and European political culture.”

“Our goal is to return to the Parliament”, — said the Chairman of the “Yabloko” Emilia Slabunov, referring to the coming in 2021 elections of deputies to the state Duma. “The party began with a faction in the state Duma, was formed around factions, but we don’t have it for 15 years”, — reminded the colleagues of the member of the Federal political Committee, the leader of the Pskov Yabloko Lev Shlosberg. He is sure, Apple will be able to return to Parliament, only to “change yourself” and becoming the “horizontal batch”, that is “winning the elections in the regions.”

“We need to concentrate on the cities, he argued with colleagues.— In every second town we can take a high percentage, only the preparations for the elections should start for half the year, attracting young people who self-realization”.

“Recognition “Apple” in society today is greater than any of the party’s liberal wing and is second only to the four parliamentary parties,” — said Mrs. Slabunov, citing a sociological survey (the party resumed their in 2016, after an eleven-year pause).