How to hire man and not screw it up? Meets the owner of the business

How to hire man and not screw it up? Meets the owner of the business

The network continues to debate whether the business risk of the money invested and resources, taking a woman to work if she goes on maternity leave, then all the training will have to repeat again and so on. The owner of the capital service of Darius Kamenskaya been working with men and frankly surprised, that they think is more reliable employees. She said “the” about his leadership experience with six men and a girl.

UpFear employer first:

Leading employee suddenly goes on maternity leave.

Well, first, the decree is not sudden. Secondly, a good loyal employee all of his care will prepare itself to train the successor. Third, Fiat money the government pays, not the employer.

And now I will tell you a few incidents from the life. Then you will understand what is really the sudden disappearance of the employee.

Come to work in the morning, recording machines dense, every hour is a new client. Basic mechanics (let it be Andrew) no, the phone does not fit or resets. Somehow just work out with girl pupil, painter and electrician. At the end of the day is Andrew and says something vague about his girlfriend’s mom that I had to go somewhere. Was fired the same day.

Or here’s another example. Six months taught the boy (let it be Valerie). The boy first received knowledge at University, from which he was expelled, then went into the army, and came back and had a great desire to work. If you measure by money, I invested about 80 thousand. It broken during a training tool, and Lunches, and bug fixes. Over time, start to give him independent work. Chose one of those orders that is easier. But at some point I caught myself thinking that Valera in the work of the two cars, and he has a week says on the phone that he had a sore knee, and asks for an MRI, and machines do the other guys after hours.

Then you say, “what you tell us about the working class and all the cattle, let’s have more intellectual spheres”.


I once hired a man (let it be Basil) to make us a website. The man took a mortgage, and very much like a normal employment contract, we agreed that he makes the site, and then will engage in marketing, advertising, signage and everything that does not concern real customers and proper repair.

We chose and paid for a domain, Vasily attukal staff took a photo of the work, we wrote the conditional price for the site. Basil even showed me some examples of design on your Mac, I chose. Two weeks later, he received an advance, 2NDFL for mortgages and… gone. The phone since is not suitable.