Cat accidentally drove into the box half of Canada

Cat accidentally drove into the box half of Canada

Cat — lovers are known to climb into any available box.


An amusing incident, touching many cat lovers, happened in Canada. A resident of Dartmouth, Jacqueline lake sent to your friend drives the car. She Packed them in boxes and sent by courier. The next morning the woman found that she was missing her cat Ball.

Pet was not yet informed. He was very trusting and obedient animals. Jacqueline thought that the cat could run out of the house, and then easily go to the hands of a stranger. In desperation, the hostess has published in social networks photos of the Ball to return the loss.

De la Nouvelle-Écosse à Montréal: un chat retrouvé à 1200 km de chez lui :

— SPCA de Montréal (@SPCAMontreal) 14 Dec 2018

Jacqueline and her 15-year-old son searched the neighborhood and put up dozens of ads, but the cat was never found.

On the fifth day of searching, she got a call from the delivery company and asked to clarify what she sent. When she listed the details of the parcel, followed by the question: “So you didn’t send a cat?”.

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Publication from the SPCA de Montréal (@spcamontreal) December 14, 2018 at 1:17 PST

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“I was so afraid that he died at that moment fell on his knees,” shared the woman. According to her, the Ball is very playful. He simply hid in a box and was sitting quietly, not making a sound.

Cat, drove from Dartmouth to Montreal more than 1200 km, was in order. It on time left in the animal rescue Centre, where it is immediately chipped it, next time find it easier. Soon the Ball get home.

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