Moscow chemists have created “the sword of the Jedi”

Moscow chemists have created “the sword of the Jedi”

Employees of the Department of analytical chemistry, faculty of chemistry, Moscow state University of regular laser pointers with the focusing lenses have developed a prototype of simple and affordable molecular optical analyzer similar to the sword of the Jedi from the epic “Star wars.”


The principle of operation of the proposed means of measurement is based on attenuation of laser radiation in solution is determined by the component placed in the measuring glass tube. The choice of the working wavelength of the radiation depends on the nature of the analyte: the higher its concentration in the solution, the more attenuated the radiation and the shorter the length of the “light path” laser beam.

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Using the developed analyzer to determine concentrations in solutions not only of the chromophores and phosphors which absorb the radiation, but in suspensions that intensively scatter. The proposed “sword of the Jedi” can be used to determine the composition of a variety of liquid-phase objects. In published research analysts — assistant Professor Cyril Splinter, associate Professor Oksana Monogarova and Junior researcher Andrew Garmi — determined active substances in medicinal drugs.

Among them Riboflavin (vitamin B2) in injectable solutions, acetylsalicylic acid and magnesium hydroxide in effect the tool used for the prevention of cardiovascular disease. The accuracy of the results by the manual of the analyzer were significantly higher accuracy of measurements using test tools, but inferior to the accuracy of the results of instrumental analysis.

The cost of the proposed device is 1.5−3 orders of magnitude lower than commercially available optical instruments — photometers and..