Arrested in the United States Maria Butina may testify in another case

Arrested in the United States Maria Butina may testify in another case

Russian Maria Butina, arrested in the US on charges of working as a foreign agent, ready to testify in another case, reports the Daily Beast, citing a document which appeared briefly in the public domain.


From this it follows that the Federal Prosecutor’s office of Washington filed a petition for a secret transfer of Butynol for further interrogation in an unnamed criminal case.

A correspondent of The Washington Post, according to which, the document was published in the basis of judicial acts by mistake. He was free for long, but the journalist managed to take a screenshot and published it on Twitter.

NEW U.S. prosecutors on Friday asked a federal judge for permission to move Maria Butina from jail, including potentially to testify before a grand jury, in a sealed filing made public apparently by mistake.

— Spencer Hsu (@hsu_spencer) 14 Dec 2018

This week Butina pleaded guilty to one of the charges — at the hearings in the court of the district of Columbia, she confessed to the conspiracy to harm the United States. According to the Russians, she acted under the leadership of a Russian official, whose name she declined to name. As CNN says, we are talking about Alexander Torshin, former Chairman of the Central Bank. For an admission of guilt to Russian promised to commute the sentence.

Butina was arrested in July, she was charged with criminal conspiracy and working in USA as a foreign agent without notifying the attorney General. First, the Russian insisted on his innocence, but 10 December, she told the court that they are ready to change and to make a deal with Federal prosecutors.