A letter to Santa Claus found 120 years later

A letter to Santa Claus found 120 years later

In Britain, revealed a letter written to Santa Claus by a child 120 years ago.


This letter was written by a five year old girl Marjorie from Eastbourne in the South of England.

English she asked Santa Claus to bring her a gift toy ducks and Chicks, stockings, tape, and a ball for her beloved cat Kittykins.

The letter is dated 2 December 1898.

It’s been more than a century in the book and was discovered when the book passed into the store, engaged in charity.

Now it is exhibited in the window of a toy shop in Canterbury.

Lily Birchall in whose father discovered the letter, said that he would like to find the descendants of the family Marjorie and return the letter to them.

Lily, who works in a bookstore, believes that it would be a wonderful gift for Christmas.

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The problem is that the little Marjorie nothing is known, except that she lived on the street Anis road in Eastbourne.

Lily’s father tried to find information about people on this street, but I guess this part of the city was bombed during the war and was completely rebuilt.