A bunch of dogs gathered at the hospital for the homeless owner and was moved by doctors

A bunch of dogs gathered at the hospital for the homeless owner and was moved by doctors

In Brazil, several dogs lined up outside the hospital in anticipation of a homeless owner, who turned for help to the doctors. It is reported by news portal The Dodo.


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Published by Cris Mamprim Saturday, December 8, 2018During the download an error has occurred.

An employee of the hospital, located in Santa Catarina state in southern Brazil, Chris Mamrim (Cris Mamprim) reported that a homeless man came to him about three in the morning on Sunday, December 9. A man named Cesar (César) asked for a cure for the disease, which he suffers, but as usual he goes to another hospital, the doctors had to spend some time on questions.

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During the conversation with the patient Mamrim and her colleagues drew attention to the fact that the entrance to the building Cesar waited patiently for a few dogs. The homeless man admitted that he took care of them because “otherwise they would have been useless”. He also added that sometimes he is malnourished to feed their dogs.

“All dogs are groomed and well-fed. I watched as they wait at the door and realize how much he loves and cares for them,” said Meerim. As soon as the doctors gave the medicine to Cesar, they offered him and his companions to eat. The man held it back the portions to later feed the dogs.

About an hour later after receiving Cesar went along with the dogs. “I don’t know what kind of life he leads and why was he on the street, but I admire his love for animals. If all people were like that,” concluded Maerim.