Three orcas surrounded the swimmer in New Zealand (video)

Three orcas surrounded the swimmer in New Zealand (video)

They just wanted to play.


Judy Johnson from New Zealand is very scared when, during a morning swim it was surrounded by three killer whales.

Johnson lives on the ocean in the town of Coromandel. Every morning she swims several kilometers. This time, she had an unexpected companions.

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“Beneath me seemed to something, something big. I thought it was dolphins, and happy. And then I saw this white color on the back,” said Johnson NZ channel 1 NEWS.

I remembered that orcas eat seals, and I was in a black wetsuit.Judy Johnson

Noticing what is happening, Australian tourist Dylan Brayshaw managed to levitate the drone and remove the orcas on camera. The video shows that the animals first, just swimming together and then approaching the woman, take her to the circle and try to play with the swimmer. Johnson at this time hard swims to shore.

Expert marine mammal Regina Eisert confirmed that the swimmer was out of danger.

“Orcas are the largest representatives of the delphinidae family, so they are just large dolphins with an unusual color, and we all know that dolphins are very smart and very playful” she said.

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