The known Point Nemo is and where it is

The known Point Nemo is and where it is

She has a strange relationship with the cosmos and literature.


In 1928 he published the story of the famous science fiction writer HP Lovecraft “Call of Cthulhu”. In it, the writer mentioned they invented the mysterious sunken city of R’lyeh. Lovecraft had marked its coordinates: 47° 9′ South latitude and 126° 43′ West longitude.

Perhaps the writer was looking for the most remote point of the planet from the land. And he found her eyes, made a mistake by only a few degrees.

In 1992, the Croatian Hrvoje engineer of Locatel with the help of computer modeling and decided to really find a point that is farthest from any point of land. He called it Point Nemo, in honor of the character, invented by another science fiction writer, Jules Verne. The coordinates of the Point Nemo was close to Lavrovskiy: 48°52′ South latitude and 123°23′ West longitude.

Point Nemo (spacecraft cemetery) is 48° 52′ 36″S 123° 23′ 36″W
Susie Goodall’s position is 45′ 27.787 S 122′ 23.537 W

— MarieTremblay (@cheeers1) 6 Dec 2018

The point was located in the southern part of the Pacific ocean and distant from the three nearest points of land on 2688 km. it Turns out that even the ISS at a height of just over 400 km closer to the Point Nemo than the earth.

And it’s not the only connection the most distant places with the cosmos. Many space agencies use this area as the cemetery space ships, because of the risk of damage to people and nature is minimal. In the vicinity of Point Nemo on the bottom of the ocean flooded at least hundreds of discarded spacecraft.

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