Tasmania discovered the world’s tallest deciduous tree

Tasmania discovered the world’s tallest deciduous tree

MOSCOW, 13 Dec — RIA Novosti. Eucalyptus Regal height of 99.7 m was discovered in Tasmania in 2008, modern laser technologies have confirmed that ever since he rose to 100.5 meters, reports NDTV.


Previously, Tasmania has become home to the tallest flowering plant in the world.

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Now the centurion, as he called this eucalyptus can be considered the tallest tree in the world. His name he got not because of the height, but because it was the hundredth was a giant tree. A centurion in Ancient Rome was called a warlord, who commanded a hundred soldiers.

Centurion grows in the national Park of Tasmania’s Tahune Forest Reserve near tourist attractions “air path” (Tahune Airwalk).

The second tallest tree on the island was called Icarus Dream, it grows in the valley of the Styx, its height is 97 meters.