SE has denied the media information about the official, whose wife had 66 cars

SE has denied the media information about the official, whose wife had 66 cars

MOSCOW, December 12 — RIA Novosti. Ex-official rostransnadzora dismissed for loss of confidence, particularly due to the fact that his wife owned 66 vehicles, was dismissed this year, and before that, said to RIA Novosti, the official representative of the Prosecutor General Aleksandr Kurennoy.


Earlier Wednesday, the newspaper “Kommersant” published an interview with the Prosecutor General of Russia Yuri Chaika, dedicated to the fight against corruption. Among other things, Chaika told that from the Federal service for supervision in the sphere of transport for the loss of confidence was dismissed official, as the man’s wife bought 66 vehicles, “while the incomes of the families could not ensure the commitment of those transactions.”

As reported by radio “Moscow speaking”, the registry of laid-off employees of Rostransnadzor for this year is one person — Aleksandr Komarov. His name is also called by some media. In conversation with “Moscow Says” Mosquitoes denied that his income allows the purchase of 66 vehicles, according to him, the wife has a venture with an income of 1 million rubles a year and owns just one car. Mosquitoes also stated that it will submit claims on protection of honor and dignity to the media, who decided “a little insulting”.

“Not all our colleagues are able to read large texts. It was said in that part of the interview where Mr Chaika (Chaika — ed.) has informed about the realization of our powers in 2016-2017. The official, whose name was not called in the interview, were dismissed at that time. About 2018 and there out of the question. Indeed, in 2018, was dismissed by one person, to him, and asked colleagues from the press. If he thinks it is about him, and wants to sue it is his right, not sure that this lawsuit will have some judicial perspective,” said Kurennoy RIA Novosti.