CFO of Huawei released on bail of $7.5 million

CFO of Huawei released on bail of $7.5 million

A canadian court took the decision to bail the financial Director of Huawei Technologies man, Banjo, according to Bloomberg. To expect a court decision on extradition to the USA, she will be under house arrest in his mansion in Vancouver. Banjo, cried in court after the ruling.


The Deposit amounted to 10 million canadian dollars, equivalent to $7.5 million It made Banjo husband and four of her former colleagues. According to the court, the amount was paid in cash. The surety will lose their money if Vanjo try to escape.

Wenzhou, was arrested in Vancouver on 1 December at the request of U.S. authorities. She is accused of the organization transactions with Iran to bypass the us sanctions. To imagine Canada, the extradition case, Banjo, backed by the necessary evidence, the US has 60 days. The next court session with the participation of the CFO of Huawei’s scheduled for 6 February.

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