Users of “Odnoklassniki” was chosen best film and song 2018

Users of “Odnoklassniki” was chosen best film and song 2018

Social network “Odnoklassniki” has summed up the results of online award for “Most OK”.


Users of the social network with the help of universal suffrage, selected the winners in seven categories: best film, series, show, hit, broadcasting, blog and online concert by 2018. About it reported in a press release received by “Izvestia”.

The vote was attended by 1.8 million users “Classmates” from all over Russia and from abroad.

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Film of the year users called “Gogol. Viy”, the best show was “a police officer with the ruble” on TNT. The best hit of the users found the song Philip Kirkorov “Color mood blue”, show “the Voice” on “the First channel” and online concert broadcast of the festival “New Wave”. Broadcast of the year, according to the “Classmates began live broadcasts from the Winter Olympic games in Pyeongchang, and blogger of the year — actor Eugene Kulik.

In a press-service of the social network noted that the vote was equally covered all age groups. Half of all voters were under 35 and most active of the nominees supported by the people of 24-35 years (30% of the total). While a significant proportion of voters took as older people and children till 18 years — there were about 10% of the total.