In Dagestan corrupt officials found Moscow curators

In Dagestan corrupt officials found Moscow curators

Corruption in Dagestan oversaw from Moscow, from the Republic years the money taken out. This was stated in an interview with RBC, the former head of Dagestan Ramazan abdullatipov, who today holds the post of special presidential representative for the Caspian sea.


There is a whole class of people who spent years siphoning funds from Dagestan in the suburbs, building their houses, said Abdulatipov. According to officials, when he was at the head of Dagestan began to restore order, enrolling in Moscow decreased. This factor Abdulatipov believes one of the reasons for his resignation.

I fired four Ministers for corruption cases. Took 22 heads of cities and districts for corruption. As a result of what struggled on that and ran. Blamed for everything that happened there, the whole mess that from the time of Peter the Great.Ramazan, Abdulatipova head DagestanskoiPosner: the rampant corruption in Russia — due to the lack of faith

Abdulatipov added that he was not personally summoned to the investigators and was not charged. “There was nothing. I think that should not be. I’ve saved the Republic, courageously implementing the instructions of the President, defeating terrorism and banditry”, he said.

Abdulatipov said that he had sent letters to the authorities in defense of those arrested for corruption Dagestani officials, his brother, and the founders of the group “Sum” Ziyavudin and Magomed Magomedov.

Abdulatipov topped Dagestan in 2013. In September 2017, said he is leaving the post. The head of the Republic became the Vice-speaker of the state Duma Vladimir Vasiliev.

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