In Paris rioters on trial

In Paris rioters on trial

Arrested robbers Museum, the arc de Triomphe.


The Prosecutor of Paris, Remy ATZ today announced the arrest of a 14th suspect in the defeat and plunder of the Museum of the arc de Triomphe during the demonstrations of the “yellow jackets” on 1 December. With details — the correspondent of “Kommersant” Alexei Tarkhanov.

The looting of the Museum the triumphal arch of the Star, opening the entrance to the Elysian Fields, happened almost live. When on 1 December at the square there were clashes with police, shot with multiple cameras, a group of rioters hacked upholstered bronze door and stormed inside.

Viewers saw the vandals open the grinder a display of exhibits and the gift shop, with sledgehammers smashing the famous sculpture by françois Ruud (though not the originals, but valuable plaster casts of the XIX century), architectural models of the 1930-ies. President of the Center for national monuments Philip had Belaval assessed the destruction caused to €1 million and stated that some items have been lost forever.

During yesterdays #GiletsJaunes protests in #Paris #France, radical groups among the #YellowVests severly damaged historical artifacts inside the @ArcDeTriomphe.

The groups also plundered the interior of the famous

— EHA News (@eha_news) 2 Dec 2018

Footage of the mayhem in the Museum, the triumphal arch became a symbol of vandalism that took place in Paris in the last days. President Emmanuel macron, who was 1 Dec in Argentina, drew special attention to this. “There can be no justification for attacks on police, looting of shops, threatening passers-by and journalists, the desecration of the arc de Triomphe. Perpetrators don’t want change, don’t want any improvements, they only want chaos. They will be found and will stand trial for their acts of violence,” he promised. Returning the next morning in Paris, the President first went to the arc de Triomphe and the tomb of the unknown soldier.


— Philippe Bélaval (@PBelaval) 2 Dec 2018

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The criminal case was brought last week, soon followed and the first court hearing.

14 people — 13 adults and one teenager — were identified and detained. They were charged with “aggravated robbery” and “the destruction of the monument, committed by a group of persons.”

Three of them are in custody, others were released pending trial. The search for other potential criminals continues.

As the newspaper Le Parisien, two more were arrested during a road control car. The inhabitants of the suburb of Bondy in Seine-Saint-Denis (one 21, the other 22) to get hold of a collection of commemorative medals on display in the Museum the arc de Triomphe. How they justified that bought them from an unknown person — just for the love of the native land, they were sentenced to substantial fines.

The owners of looted shops trying to find criminals using the sites of private sales, where float the stolen items.

For example, in the vicinity of the arc de Triomphe 1 Dec devastated brand motorcycle shop. Some participants in the massacre have decided to show off in social networks, branded helmets and jackets, identified and detained. Work is also underway on the identification and punishment of participants of the riots on 8 December.

Representatives of the Paris city hall re-assess the damage that the city suffered. It can be more than a week ago. According to first Deputy mayor Emmanuel Gregoire, this time the unrest spread to other areas. In this situation, the Parisians themselves were first to repulse the rioters. The owner of a jewelry shop, where he tried to break the burglars met them with rubber bullets and routed.