Banksy offered to win his sculpture for $2.5

Banksy offered to win his sculpture for $2.5

You just have to guess its weight.


The famous street art artist Banksy announced on his Instagram about the beginning of the draw one of his works — statues from the Park Disneland depicting a boat with migrants.

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Publication from Banksy (@banksy) 1 Dec 2018 7:37 PST

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Anyone can take part in the raffle auction. For this you need to bet a donation (your choice from $ 2.5 to $ 150) and guess the weight of the sculpture exactly to the gram.

On the website of the organizers of the auction listed product dimensions — 90 x 38 x 42 cm. It is also reported that the figurine is made of fiberglass and resin.

Applications for participation are accepted until December 22. To apply for participation an unlimited number of times. In case several people guess the correct weight of the work, the winner will be chosen by drawing lots.

This sculpture Banksy could be yours for just £ 2At boot time the error occurred.

All collected during the auction funds will go to charity to help the refugees.

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