The oldest wild bird in the world again laid an egg

The oldest wild bird in the world again laid an egg

The female Albatross named wisdom is at least 68 years.


The female Albatross named wisdom is the oldest wild bird in the world known to man, returned to the nesting place of the Hawaiian Islands, and laid an egg. Wisdom is at least 68 years old, but last year she successfully raised a chick says Service of protection of fish resources and wildlife, States in his blog on Tumblr.

Wisdom (Wisdom, “wisdom”) belongs to the species Laysan Albatross Phoebastria immutabilis. These albatrosses live in the North Pacific ocean and breed in vast colonies over a million birds on the midway Atoll, Northwest Hawaiian Islands. In 1956, the American biologist Chandler Robbins first banded wisdom season, which had not yet been nicknames, as adults, that is, she was at least six years. 46 years later, in 2002, Robbins was again noticed it when inspecting the colony and was able to read the number on the ring that he, himself, set. The scientist died in 2017.

Wisdom and her mate is a male, Akeakamai, whom she met in 2006 when she was at least 56 years old, last year successfully hatched pending an egg and raised the chick.

Now scientists report that the bird returned to the nesting area on November 29 and has already managed to postpone a new egg each season, Laysan albatrosses lay one egg, which turns to incubate for about two months.

Service biologist Kelly Gudel says that in 2017 a meter away from the nest wisdom, scientists have noticed it already adult juv 2001 — this is the first time when they were able to observe the return of the offspring of wisdom. “On the midway Atoll live countless generations and families of albatrosses. Returning home, wisdom and surrounded by his birds and their Chicks — that is a family reunion,” said Gudel.

Wisdom from a private photo album on Flickr. And Laysan albatrosses are known for elaborate mating dances.

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