Fashion brand sells “elf” shoes for $ 600

Fashion brand sells “elf” shoes for $ 600

For real fans of Christmas.


The upcoming new year holidays inspire many. But sweaters with reindeer designers are not restricted.

Fashion brand Loewe presented unusual sneakers with a long hooked nose, similar to the shoes of the assistants of Santa Claus — elves.

A retailer is selling £475 trainers that look exactly like elf shoes… and they’re ridiculous

— The Sun (@TheSun) 5 Dec 2018

Burgundy suede sneakers with leather inserts and white contrasting lacing are as much as 600 dollars. In fact, the shoes were inspired by the fabulous boots, and a traditional Moroccan Slippers, which at the time was very fond of the brand designer Jonathan Anderson.

For the first time the shoes Loewe presented at fashion Week in Paris in the fall of 2017, but this year especially for new year and Christmas holidays, the designers have added a line of models dressed in red.

Advertising sneakers, the brand also emphasized its similarity with the shoes the elves and said that is a great choice for the holidays.

By the way, these sneakers will be the perfect addition to sharing Christmas sweaters, which this year is created by designer Tesco and Cheesy Christmas Jumpers.

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