Kiev will pay to the detained Ukrainian sailors $3500

Kiev will pay to the detained Ukrainian sailors $3500

The Ukrainian government adopted the decision on payment of financial assistance to the arrested Russian sailors, each of them will receive 100 000 hryvnia (about $3500). About it reports “Interfax-Ukraine”.


Now, the Ukrainian defense Ministry should provide a list of the sailors, then find their relatives or legal representatives, who will receive financial assistance, said the Agency. These funds should be used to protect the Ukrainian sailors said the Minister of the temporarily occupied territories of Ukraine Vadym Chernysh. For example, legal assistance, postal delivery, and more, he explained.

Russian border guards detained three military ships of Ukraine in the Kerch Strait on November 25. The Ukrainian authorities have stated that they have made a planned transition from the port of Odessa to Mariupol, as reported in advance. According to the FSB, reports about the movement of ships was not, they crossed the Russian border illegally.

On Board the detained ships was carrying 24 Ukrainian sailors. They are now under arrest in Russia. They were charged with illegal border crossing (part 3 of article 322 of the criminal code), the sailors face up to six years of imprisonment.

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