At MSU have learned to determine the quality of the whiskey

At MSU have learned to determine the quality of the whiskey

Employees of the chemical faculty of the Moscow state University named after M. V. Lomonosov under the direction of Dr. of chemical Sciences and leading researcher of the Department of analytical chemistry Mikhail Beklemishev has developed a new method of determining the quality of the whisky.


Whiskey is popular around the world, but for anybody not a secret that the more popular the drink, the more fakes appearing on the market. The counterfeit alcoholic beverages identify the different methods are mostly very complex and expensive. Chemists from the Moscow state University proposed to classify whiskey by a modified method of fluorometry, as detailed in the prestigious journal Microchemical Journal.

Newsthe Most expensive whiskey in the world: a bottle for $1 100 000

Developed at the Department of analytical chemistry modification method fluorimetry allows to solve problems of qualitative analysis — for example, to distinguish between similar objects of complex structure, categorize them, specify the type of raw materials and place of production, and to identify counterfeits. A new analytical method of the Moscow chemists have called “fluorescent language.” It belongs to the group of so-called methods of “fingerprint”.

This method is based on the sample spectrum, chromatogram, voltamperometry or any other fairly complex analytical images. Mathematical processing of the results allows to distinguish between similar composition of the samples: can even distinguish from each other the juices, released on various plants or manufactured from different batches of fruit! As such “pictures” the researchers studied the fluorescence spectra of samples of alcoholic beverages.