A century of British revealed the secret of longevity

A century of British revealed the secret of longevity

And it will be useful to many women.


Mary Norris, of Edinburgh, was born a few days after the end of the First world war, 3 Dec 1918. During the Second world war she worked in a factory and helped his eight siblings.

None of them to this day have not survived, but Mary Norris celebrated his hundredth anniversary, which it congratulated Queen Elizabeth II.

100-year-old woman says key to long life is never worrying about men https://t.co/Ha9mDealCa pic.twitter.com/NwjBSTlkDa

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Since 2003, Mary lives in a nursing home, where he is actively involved in public life: she attends Church services, goes to dances and to the hairdresser, and loves to chat with neighbors over a glass of something good.

But the main secret of her longevity, Mary says the lack of problems with men.

She’s never been married and I’m sure that the more a woman worries about men, the worse her nerves and health in General.

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