With him and heaven in the Sabbath: Ozzy Osbourne celebrates seventieth anniversary

With him and heaven in the Sabbath: Ozzy Osbourne celebrates seventieth anniversary

The great and terrible Prince of Darkness rock-n-roll has made every effort to die young, but did not.


Monday, December 3, marks the 70th anniversary of Ozzy Osbourne, one of the brightest representatives of the world rock scene. Life is a great and terrible Prince of Darkness rock-n-roll, as he calls himself, is full of such extremes that it was, in truth, it is unclear how he ever managed to reach such a respectable age. After all, to die young, he did everything needed and more. Details — in the article “Izvestia”.

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Michael John Osborne was born in Birmingham — a gloomy industrial town in England. Childhood of the future rock star was as sullen. The only thing that got Osbourne in school, is nicknamed “Ozzy,” it always beat the local bullies. Besides Ozzy had dyslexia, which somewhat interfered with the academic success. No wonder that in 15 years the guy has left the school and went to work.

Having tried several specialties of the type of a painter, handyman and porter, Osborne realized that it was not for him and decided to earn one of the thefts. However, it soon became clear that this is not his calling. First, Ozzy unsuccessfully tried to steal a TV, but eventually fell under its weight. Then he stole from the store a lot of clothes (as it turned out, child) and tried to push her in the local pub — here it and tied. The young thief spent six weeks in jail (the father basically refused to pay bail for educational purposes).

Freed, the young man decided that he wanted to be a rock star. All, of course, laughed a lot. And for good reason.

In the late 1960s, Ozzie met with Gisera Butler and Tony Iommi. After playing together in several short-lived projects, the friends formed their own group which was called Black Sabbath. Thus began the history of one of the most famous rock bands in the world.

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Probably more than half the success of this was due to the charisma of the vocalist — not so much vocal Osbourne, how much trudnovospituemyh diabolical energy that burned in his eyes. In fact, in the enumeration of the musical merits of Ozzie and company have no need: everyone who is even slightly interested in heavy music, you know so, but others need not. The thing is that Ozzy has gone down in history (or should we say — involved in the story) rather than as a virtuoso musician, but as a wild, untamed and unpredictable type.

“Wine is fine but whiskey is quicker.” Favorite phrase of the protagonist of the series “Californian” is a quote from a song by Ozzy Osbourne. And not just a quote — it was his life principle.