Trump has admitted talks with Russia and China to curb the arms race

Trump has admitted talks with Russia and China to curb the arms race

The President of the United States Donald trump in his Twitter expressed his confidence that in the future the United States along with Russia and China will start talks on curbing the arms race.


“I am sure that at some point in the future the President XI (Jinping, the Chinese President. — RNS) and I, along with Russian President Vladimir Putin, begin to talk about a significant containment of what has become a large and uncontrolled arms race. USA this year spent $716 billion (the US defence budget. — RNS). Crazy!”, — wrote trump.

In August, Donald trump signed the law on the U.S. defense budget in fiscal year 2019 amount $716 billion.

News“This decision caught the Kremlin by surprise”

2 December during a press conference in the framework of the visit in Buenos Aires, Vladimir Putin announced that he would not set pre-conditions before meeting with trump.

“We do not set any preconditions, because it is very important issues that we should discuss, and for us, and actually for the rest of the world, because the issues of strategic stability,” Putin said.

Putin and trump had to hold a meeting of the G20, however, shortly before the summit, the American President cancelled the talks.

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