Russians will be able to see four comets and bright stars

Russians will be able to see four comets and bright stars

In December, the sky will present a few surprises.


Four comets will be able to see in the December sky not only Amateur astronomers, but all holders of ordinary binoculars. And one of them will be visible to the naked eye.

In early November, three Amateur astronomer, independently of each other discovered a new comet. She received the name of Machalica-Fujikawa-Iwamoto. The comet will be visible even in binoculars in the first half of December in the evening in the South-West in the constellation of Ophiuchus, the Snake Shield. Her Shine in the first week of the month will reach 5 points.

Comet C/2018 V1 Machholtz – Fujikawa – Iwamoto.
Taken by Mike Olason on November 26, 2018 @ Denver, Colorado.
Comet C/Machholz 2018 V1-Fujikawa-Iwamoto makes its close approach to Earth today (June 27), →2/4

— mizuho kai (@mizuho73700856) November 27, 2018

The comet Virtanen can be seen in the sky every six years. In the region of 12 December its brilliance reaches a maximum, so to see an object can be to the naked eye. The comet passes through the constellation of the whale, Eridanus, Taurus, Auriga and Lynx. 23 Dec it will be near the bright star Capella.

Comet 46P/Wirtanen
image taken today.
A new tail has appeared on the comet, confirming it is very active. Courtesy

— Con Stoitsis (@vivstoitsis) 1 December 2018.

The comet Stephan-Oterma can be found in strong binoculars or a telescope after 15 December in the constellation of Cancer, and then Lynx. Her Shine will be more than 9 points. Next time it will approach the Earth in 2056.

Imagen del Cometa 38P/Stephan-Oterma y un meteoro (14-noviembre) vía eluniverso

— Clima en Guayana (@climaguayana) 24 Nov 2018

The comet swift-Girls can be seen in the constellation of the Triangle. Its brilliance exceeds 9 points. To find the comet, even with binoculars.

In addition to comets, the Russians will be able to see the powerful meteor shower Geminids. It will have a peak on December 13.

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