Putin questioned the possibility of his capture at the military base

Putin questioned the possibility of his capture at the military base

Russian President Vladimir Putin criticized the Hollywood Thriller “hunter Killer”. It is reported by RIA Novosti.


During the press-approach the summit of “Big twenty” in Buenos Aires, the reporters told the head of state the plot of the film, in which the Minister of defence of Russia are satisfied with the country’s military coup and take the President by the name zacharin hostage on Arctic military base, and rescues the head of state, commander of an American nuclear submarine.

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“In our base? — said Putin. — Already unlikely scenario. Fantastic.”

“Two small boats donated by the United States Ukraine, we have not gone through the Kerch Strait, and you want nuclear-powered submarine went to our base. Bad film,” he joked.

“Hunter Killer” with Gerard Butler and Gary Oldman in the lead roles was removed from the steel in Russia, not having a rental license from the Ministry of culture. The Agency did not explain the reason for the refusal.

Also in 2018, the Ministry of culture refused to release rental movies “Death of Stalin” and “the Stolen treasures of Europe”.

On 10 September it became known that the Ministry of culture decided to introduce amendments to the Russian laws that restrict foreign films. The number of impressions of foreign paintings will be reduced to 35 percent of the total number of sessions in the cinema during the day.