“This decision caught the Kremlin by surprise”

“This decision caught the Kremlin by surprise”

Foreign media about the cancellation of the meeting Donald trump and Vladimir Putin.


On Thursday, the President of the United States Donald trump has canceled a meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin, which was held on 1 December in the framework of the G20 summit. Mr. trump explained that the reason was the Russian-Ukrainian conflict in the Kerch Strait. Write about the foreign media — in the compilation of “y”.

The New York Times (USA, new York)

Cancel meetings at the last moment underlined just how tense became the Russian-American relationship, despite the simultaneous efforts of the President to make friends — while the Kremlin is increasingly asserting itself abroad, Washington is immersed in an investigation about the relations of the entourage of Mr. trump with Moscow.

Session in Buenos Aires, which was scheduled for Saturday on the sidelines of the G20 summit, was cancelled for only the second meeting between the American side and the Russian and Soviet top leaders on the other — after American reconnaissance aircraft U-2 was shot down over Russian territory in 1960. The second time was in 2013 when President Barack Obama canceled his visit to Moscow in protest against the decision of Mr. Putin to give asylum to Edward Snowden.

Politico (Arlington, Virginia, USA)

Recently on trump’s increasingly pressured to take a firm stance against Russia, which opened fire at Ukrainian courts in Crimea coastal waters and captured the crew. The decision to cancel the meeting became known on the same day, when former counsel to trump Michael Cohen pleaded guilty to making false statements to Congress, including on the issue of discussions with the trump project associated with the construction of real estate in Russia during the presidential campaign of 2016. Trump told reporters that Cohen speaks the truth, to mitigate his punishment. Press Secretary of the White house has not provided a prompt response to the question whether the testimony of Cohen with the decision to cancel the meeting (with the President of the Russian Federation.— “Kommersant”).