Posner gave advice Brilev about the British citizenship

Posner gave advice Brilev about the British citizenship

Journalist Vladimir Pozner, the TV presenter was advised by Deputy Director of the TV channel “Russia 1” Sergei Brilev to renounce one of their citizenships. He stated this in an interview with Eugenia Albats published on the website Pozner Online.


Posner noted that it has long been familiar with the presenter. However, he does not understand why Brilev received British citizenship. Channel one presenter suggested that the question at the time was not yet a Director and worked as a regular journalist.

Newsthe Kremlin was surprised by the criticism BRILYOV his British citizenship

“I would place BRILYOV surrendered his British citizenship. Or the Russian. Depends on the position. Because to reconcile both is quite difficult. You know, his position is strange,” explained my point of view Posner.

The First channel said that he also has three persons, but he is not a leader and does not want them to become. Posner also said that under no circumstances is not going to give up their citizenships of the US and France, because he loves these countries.

Information about the British citizenship BRILYOV was revealed after investigation of the Fund of struggle against corruption, which was published on 22 November. The article also reported that the family of the presenter has an apartment for 700 thousand pounds (about 66 million) in the UK.

Shortly after the release of the investigation Brilev confirmed the existence of British citizenship. He said that he never concealed information about the second citizenship.