In the US, the dog found in the backyard of a mammoth’s tooth

In the US, the dog found in the backyard of a mammoth’s tooth

The authenticity of the findings was confirmed by the paleontologists.


In September at Whidbey island in the U.S. state of Washington 8-month-old Golden Retriever puppy named Scout has made a historic discovery, playing in the yard.

The dog found a mammoth’s toothAt boot time the error occurred.

Digging a small hole, the dog found something like a stone or piece of wood. According to his owner Kirk LaSalle, typically, these findings Scout not particularly interested in, but this time he wore the object in the mouth for a few days.

Deciding to investigate the situation, kirk took the find, washed and dried. And then he found that the strange object was similar to bone.

Laswell sent photos of the findings in the Burke Museum and was surprised to learn that the “stone” turned out to be a mammoth’s tooth by the age of 13 thousand years.

According to experts, the remains of these ancient giant animals have not once found in this region.

Found the tooth will stay with Kirk, which plans to preserve it for the heirs as a family heirloom.

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