Focus: Skripal worked for four intelligence, NATO

Focus: Skripal worked for four intelligence, NATO

TASS, September 28. Ex-GRU Colonel Sergei Skripal to 2017 collaborated with the secret services of four countries participating in NATO — Britain, the Czech Republic, Estonia and Spain — provided them with information on current agents of military intelligence of the Russian Federation.


On Friday told the German publication Focus Online, citing an anonymous source in the Group of counter-intelligence at the Headquarters of the United armed forces of NATO in Europe (ACCI, headquarters in Brussels).

According to him, Skripal visited Prague, accompanied by agents of the foreign intelligence service of great Britain MI-6 in 2012 and informed the local intelligence intelligence about active networks of Russian intelligence. Members of these networks he knew from the time of his service in the GRU.

Focus also reports that in the summer of 2016 Skripal provided intelligence of the Republic of Estonia data, sufficient for Estonia uncovered three spies who worked in Tallinn. Among them was 38-year-old major of the Estonian defense Forces Denis Metsavan and his 65-year-old father Peter Wolin, who in early September, fell under suspicion in cooperation with the Chief Directorate (GU, former GRU) of the General staff of the armed forces. Since they are both citizens of Estonia, they are suspected of treason.

A source confirmed the publication of information about the joint work of the Spanish intelligence services and Skripal, previously published in the investigation of the newspaper The New York Times. According to these data, former GRU officer supplied the national intelligence centre Spain contact information of Russian mafia operating in the Costa del Sol, with some influential politicians and officials in Moscow.

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