Erdogan and Merkel said that will not allow its citizens to freeze because of the ambitions of the United States

Erdogan and Merkel said that will not allow its citizens to freeze because of the ambitions of the United States

Turkey and Germany opposed the criticism of trump, declare “Europe’s dependence on Russia.”


Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan told about the conversation between him, German Chancellor Angela Merkel and US President Donald trump, held in July at the summit in Brussels. According to the Turkish leader, trump has condemned their European counterparts for the purchase of gas from Russia, but Merkel and Erdogan said that without Russian gas will freeze in the winter.

“Trump said that we feed Russia. He was saying that we pay a lot of money to Russia for gas… I could not resist and said, “Dear Mr. President, we import 50% of our gas from Russia. If Turkey refuses to do this in the winter my citizens will just freeze,” — said Erdogan to the journalists A Haber.

The position of the President of Turkey, he said, supported Merkel: “Then we joined in the conversation the German Chancellor Merkel who said that Germany gets 38% of its gas from Russia, and she also cannot allow its people froze”.

As Erdogan said to reporters A Haber, further sanctions that in August the US imposed against Turkey, are an indication of Washington’s policy. “It is impossible to establish order in the world on the principle of “might makes right” — the Turkish leader stressed, noting that the pressure of the United States has increased due to transactions for the supply of Ankara from the Russian air defense systems s-400.

Laughter in the hall of the UN General Assembly, when trump spoke about his country’s achievements over the past two years, clearly shows the opinion of the listeners.Recip Erdgasproduzent Turkey

In mid-June, the US refused to supply Turkey with the latest fighter-bombers, F-35, as Ankara made a deal with Russia to purchase air defense systems s-400. In the Senate of the United States said that if the Turkish military will not give up Russian weapons against Turkey can be sanctioned. In addition, Washington demanded the release from Turkish prison of the Protestant preacher Andrew Brunson, arrested in 2016 on charges of having links with the organizers of a coup in the country. The refusal of the Turkish authorities to release Branson has led to the imposition of severe sanctions against Turkey from the United States, which has led to a sharp collapse of the national currency.

At the NATO summit in Brussels in July, the President of the United States Donald trump criticized Germany for supporting the project of the pipeline “Nord stream — 2”, calling the country “a hostage of Russia”. According to him, Moscow “completely controls” the Berlin Russian natural gas exports, their share may reach 70% in the energy balance of Germany after the construction of the pipeline. German Chancellor Angela Merkel said in response that Germany independent in its decisions and policies.