Elizabeth II there are artificial hand to greet the public

Elizabeth II there are artificial hand to greet the public

The daughter of Queen Anna in the book Queen of the World said that the device Elizabeth II gifted Australian students.


LONDON, September 28. /TASS/. Queen Elizabeth II is the owner of a special device with which it is in the case of fatigue can mimic the greeting the public as if waving his hand. This was reported on Friday on its website, the newspaper the Daily Mirror.

According to the newspaper, it is filled with a dense material of a glove mounted on a wooden arm.

With the latest “fake hand” if necessary, you can bring a light touch, after which it will start to move from one side to the other, producing the effect of living a welcoming gesture.

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In the book Queen of the World (“Queen of peace”), which refers to the newspaper, daughter of the monarch, Princess Anna, told me that the device Elizabeth a few years ago, presented as a comic surprise Australian students who, in the words of the Princess, did not rule out that this gift may seem too cocky Queen. However, Elizabeth’s gift was to his liking, and she took him with her to the UK. Author Robert Hardman believes that the Queen took the artificial hand in the Scottish Balmoral castle, where traditionally spends the summer. “I don’t think she ever used it (fixture — approx. TASS) in public, but I heard that it became a beloved family joke,” said the author.

92-year-old Queen of great Britain for 66 years on throne thousands of times resorted to greeting his subjects with a wave of his hand and tirelessly continues to follow it. During his reign, she led a total of 32 countries (certain States of this number already exists — approx. TASS). Each country of the Commonwealth of Nations that recognise Elizabeth II as its monarch, refers to her not British, and his Queen, including “Queen of Canada”, “Queen of Australia” etc.