The U.S. Congress is going on vacation and hardly approves sanctions until November

The U.S. Congress is going on vacation and hardly approves sanctions until November

This is with reference to sources reports Bloomberg. Lawmakers will return to work in early November, and votes on restrictions against Russia up to this point in the schedule no.


The US Congress is unlikely to approve new sanctions against Russia before the November elections. As informs Agency Bloomberg with reference to sources, the new restrictions will not take including on government bonds, and energy projects.

The house of representatives, according to the Agency, likely to go on vacation by the end of this week and will return only after the elections on 6 November. Voting on sanctions against Russia up to this point in the schedule of the chamber no.

The Senate, in turn, may consider proposals for sanctions before the elections, but the approval of the President of the United States Donald Trump will not send anything to a vote in the House of representatives.

Commented the chief editor of Business FM Ilya kopelevich:

“During the Eastern economic forum I have had several conversations with representatives of major Western companies, of course, I was interested in their opinions about the possibility and prospect of new sanctions. Here, so to speak, insider speculation, because, naturally, they follow this theme: even then said they do not expect a quick adoption of the law in Congress because he started moving through committees, and there are lobbyists for different industries. And in General it is farther away, the more will become more restrained and will be adopted soon. But, they said, that’s the administration trump can fire, as I heard, before the November elections for political reasons. How it fired, nobody knows. However, the draft sanctions the administration has not any sound [the words] “banks” or “national debt””.

Rather, assume that if there are any new sanctions from the administration before the November elections, they may be focused more on the oil and gas sector. But this is speculation.Ilya kopelevich chief editor of Business FM

According to Bloomberg, the delay in Congress will not affect a separate set of sanctions for the case Skrobala that the US administration may impose without approval from lawmakers. He is expected by November.

In November, the U.S. will be mid-term elections, during which will be elected members of the house of representatives of the U.S. Congress, a significant portion of senators and state governors.

The Finance Ministry of Russia believe that the introduction of sanctions against Russian government debt. In an interview with Reuters said the head of public debt Department, Konstantin vyshkovsky. However, he noted: “Limitations on government debt will mean limitations for the Federal budget to Finance, in particular, and social spending, and our overseas colleagues several times repeated that sanctions should not be aimed against Russian citizens”.

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The first round of sanctions because of the case Skrobala entered into force on 27 August. And this is only the beginning.

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