Solved the mystery of the most scandalous erotic paintings of the XIX century

Solved the mystery of the most scandalous erotic paintings of the XIX century

The painting of Gustave Courbet’s “the origin of the world”, most likely, depicts a French ballerina Constance Kenya, who was the mistress of the Ottoman diplomat. He ordered the artist to this painting for his collection of erotica, experts say.


For decades art historians believed that one of the most provocative works in the history of art, the painting of Gustave Courbet’s “the origin of the world,” depicts the Irish Joanna hiffernan. She was the beloved pupil of Courbet, the American artist James Whistler and, according to some, lover of Courbet.

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However, for a long time, experts had doubts that the naked body and genitals in the painting “the origin of the world” belong Hiffernan, as pubic hair on the picture is dark, while the Irish were redheads.

Evidence that the painting depicts not her, but a French ballet dancer Constance Kenya, found in the correspondence of French writers, Alexander Dumas, Jr., and George sand. It was discovered by French historian Claude Schopp while studying copies of their letters.

In particular, the historian, was puzzled by one passage from the letter to Dumas, sand, Dating back to June 1871: “it is Impossible with a brush to transfer delicate and vivid interviews Mademoiselle Kenya of the Opera”. The village shopping center. checked with handwritten original of the correspondence and discovered that actually instead of the word “interview” Dumas “inside”.

The historian shared his discovery with the head of the Department of press and photos of French national library, Sylvie Aubenas. “Evidence discovered by Claude, makes me with confidence on 99% say that model Courbet was Constance Kenya” she said.