Mystery purple orange revealed Australian scientists

Mystery purple orange revealed Australian scientists

Australian authorities said that the scientists were able to determine the cause of the mysterious phenomenon that caused a stir recently easy in the country.


In early September a resident of Brisbane Neti Moffitt was seriously scared when I saw that the orange, who began to eat her son, suddenly changed color to a poisonous purple.

It looked like someone dipped the orange ink. But we have never had ink. I immediately thought that a child can be poisoned.Neti, Officinarum Australian Broadcasting Corporation

“I’m not doing this drama, I just want to know what happened,” added the woman, who applied to the bodies of sanitary supervision with a request to investigate.

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“We usually examine samples of blood, urine, water and soil. A study of the orange was an unusual task for our team,” said Stewart Carswell, chief chemist of the Department of health of Queensland.

As a result of tests and experiments it was found that the orange color has changed due to the fact that were cut just sharpened knife.

Anthocyanins, natural antioxidants contained in oranges, reacted with the iron particles from the sharpened blade of the knife.

No threat to life and health, say scientists, orange is not.

In recent weeks, Australians with increased attention to food safety after the strawberries sold in this country, found the needles.