In the Urals staged a demonstration hostage-taking in the memory of Beslan

In the Urals staged a demonstration hostage-taking in the memory of Beslan

In Yekaterinburg held a Patriotic quest for children and Teens “Our town”, which was staged by the seizure of schoolchildren hostage. About it reports the edition


Quest was held with the support of the public movement “Kazachiy Dozor”, Regardie, the Ural Fund of assistance to disabled persons, organizations helping people with an autism spectrum disorder “Dorida”, youth organization “Russian future”, Ministry of internal Affairs, the club of extreme tourism and other organizations. The event is dedicated to the battle of Kulikovo, the transition of Russian troops under the command of Alexander Suvorov through the Alps, to the 70th anniversary from the birthday of the Hero of Russia Colonel-General Anatoly Romanov, as well as the memory of the victims of the terrorist attack in Beslan.

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On the portal “Land of masters” published program quest. Students were expected to participate in common prayer, to assemble and disassemble a Kalashnikov, and diaper baby. In addition, the order of the day included the launch of the pigeons, “surrender Cossack traditional standards” and the reconstruction of the “local battle during the Chechen war.”

NewsSchool in the center of Ekaterinburg was surrounded by a prison fence. “Why the checkpoint with no barrier?”

Demonstrations lasted five minutes, because “a lot of things I forgot to show you.” During this phase, the commandos and took students hostage. The event ended with a shooting and a minute of silence in memory of those killed during the terrorist attack.

“The strategic aim of the event is to educate the young patriots of our country with an active civil position in the spirit of the glorious heroic traditions of national history, able to withstand the modern challenges facing our country — Russia — as in the present and in the future, as well as the inclusion of children with disabilities in active youth”, — stated in the regulation on the conduct of the quest.