Nostalgia on TV. Where now Dr. Joyce brothers here and other well-known leading

Nostalgia on TV. Where now Dr. Joyce brothers here and other well-known leading

Why literary career of Helena hangi ended before it began, and where today you can see once the main therapist Joyce brothers here in the country and what binds Igor Ugolnikov and Albina Dzhanabaeva? Aifi — about the lives of famous presenters.


Remember how we laughed at the jokes of Igor ugolnikova in his “Good evening”, sympathized with the characters of “Dr. Joyce brothers here” blushed, looking at Elena Hangu, which without a shadow of shame would talk to their audience like that? At some point, leading to these and other favorite programs of millions disappeared from television screens. Where are they now, says Aephi.

Andrew Joyce Brothers Here

Therapist Andrew Joyce brothers here we know and remember with two projects: “Everything will solve with doctor Kurpatovym” on the channel “Home” and “Dr. Joyce brothers here” on the Ground. Disappeared from the screens, Andrew did not break the link with the TV. Since 2007 till 2015 he held various management positions in GK “Red square”. It is the largest Russian producer of television programs, including “Who wants to be a millionaire”, “dancing with the stars”, “Voice”, “Exactly”, “the Big difference” and many others.

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Today fans of the doctor can see your idol on the Internet. In 2017 Joyce brothers here started a channel on YouTube, his regular audience consists of more than one hundred thousand people. In network presenter lecturing and occasionally answers the questions addressed to it subscribers. At the same time the main therapist of the country is the President of the Higher school methodology and founded intellectual cluster “Mind Games” in St.-Petersburg where the restaurant is Joyce brothers here with the speaker called “Symposium”. There you can not only order their stewed beef brisket with perlotto and buds of broccoli, but to partake of spiritual food. A huge closet is a special selection of intelligent books, which, according to Andrew, can brighten up leisure visitors. Perhaps among the list there and own works doctor. Only this year, from the pen of a therapist came several of the bestselling “Teach yourself philosophy”, “mind Palace. Kill yourself idiot!” and “Red pill”.

As for his personal life presenter, his marriage with writer Lily Kim came to an end. A few years ago a woman moved to live in the United States. Relations between the former spouses remain friendly, even Kim has lectured in intellectual cluster Joyce brothers here. View this post in Instagram

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The appearance of Elena in the program “About it” in the late 90s was a real sexual revolution. The ensuing “Domino effect” in a pair of first Hideaway Elena, then Elena Starostina, and Dana Borisova also long been in demand. But then the television career of the hangi went down. To rectify the situation and to regain popularity, she did not help any channel Russia Today, where she dabbled in two projects, even more KP-TV, although the transmission of “remote control for life” lasted for several years.

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Hanga also had to be noted in the literary field, writing together with the journalist Oleg Vakulovsky mystical detective “the Third prophecy”. Newly minted writer managed to conclude a contract with the publisher for another 5 works, but her co-author died in the midst of writing the second book, and Elena did not return to literary work.

But in his personal life presenter all is well. Her future husband Igor Mintusov Hanga met while working in the “Moscow news”, immediately after graduating from MSU. Young people were just beginning to conquer the capital, and communicated with each other exclusively on business issues. At some point, they lost each other from sight, and when ten years later met by chance at a reception, and between them began an affair, although Elena did not recognize my former colleague. These relationships continue today. The couple together has a daughter Elizabeth-Anna.

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Television career of Igor ugolnikova were developed more than successfully, however, after the program “Good evening with Igor Ugolnikov”, the latest release which we could observe in 2002, he in a sense left in the shade. No, it can be seen on the stage of the Moscow art theatre them. Chekhov, and later the Moscow Academic theatre of Satire, but not on the blue screen.

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A new wave of talk about Ugolnikov has risen at the time when output began to prepare for the film “Brest fortress”, where the presenter was General producer and author of the idea. Following high-profile projects, which came from a former showman — “Battalion”. And today, Igor is producing already the third film about the war Il “frontier”. It is removed in the Kaluga region.

But not producing a single that person lives. Ugolnikov he continues to act in films, though not always in leading roles, plus comes onto the stage. In particular, it can be seen in the play “bad habits” with Daniel Spivakovsky, Albina dzhanabaeva and Sergey Sakurovas. And in 2018, the broadcaster became the member of the Public chamber of the Moscow region.

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Elena became famous not only thanks to the group “Lyceum”, a girl many years he hosted the program “Life is beautiful” together with Mikhail Shvydkoi. In 2008, this creative Union even received the award “TEFI” in the nomination “the Leading current-show.” When the transfer was closed, Perov appeared in one or in another project, but their names today, there are few who remember. In 2013, around the presenter erupted serious scandal — her car crashed into standing on the side of the Mercedes.

When Elena was taken to the hospital, doctors found on the wrist of the star cuts and suggested that she first tried to commit suicide, and then, in this state, sat behind the wheel. It later emerged that at the time of the accident, she was in a state of alcoholic intoxication, for which she was denied a driver’s license.

This whole situation gave rise to a rumor that the TV suffers from severe depression. In General, this theory could be true, because after the project “Life is beautiful”, Perov was unable to regain its former popularity, and singing career she has also not evolved. However, Elena herself completely rejected the version of suicide and any problems, stating that he hurt his hand in the accident.

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In the same ill-fated for her 2013, she decided to try their hand that is called, behind the scenes, becoming editor-in-chief of the Directorate of music and entertainment programs on “the First channel”. However, in this position not long delayed, the last place of work of the presenter — the “from childhood” “Children’s radio”, although this cooperation was short-lived.