The number of criminal cases for reposts in Russia

The number of criminal cases for reposts in Russia

Supreme court Chairman Vyacheslav Lebedev said the number of criminal cases for reposts in Russia.


According to him, over the past three years, this figure had grown several times and now stands at more than five hundred, reports TASS.

“Things get slow in Russia as a whole, in comparison with other categories. They are a little over 500, however, the dynamics of growth is obvious,” — said Lebedev.

He noted that two years ago there were more than 100 criminal cases on incitement of hatred or enmity on the Internet.

On 20 September it became known that the Supreme court refused to consider reposts crimes in the case, if they are not dangerous to society. As stated in the judgment now the court is obliged to carefully check the grounds for initiation of proceedings against the author of the publication. Web-hosted images and files containing the characteristics of excitation of enmity or hatred, is insufficient cause for a criminal prosecution. The author of the publication can become a defendant only if he “was aware of the thrust acts on the violation of the constitutional order and the goal was to incite hatred or enmity”.

19 September it was reported that the Supreme court is going to call judges to humanity when dealing reposted and make changes in the resolution of Plenum of the Supreme court of the Russian Federation of 28 June 2011 “On judicial practice on criminal cases about crimes of an extremist orientation”.