The Japanese created self assembling Rubik’s cube

The Japanese created self assembling Rubik’s cube

A Japanese engineer has created a Rubik’s cube, able to build all segments of the same color on one side with built-in motors and sensors of rotation of the axes.


Drawings of the device and its pictures published on the website of DMM.make.

Rubik’s cube is a puzzle not only for self-entertainment, but the object of the competition. They are usually held among the people whose job it is to solve the puzzle in minimum time. For example, in may the Australian Zemdegs Felix (Feliks Zemdegs) broke the world record with a score of 4.22 seconds. Apart from humans, this problem is solved and the robots with computer vision and fast servos they do it much faster — the current record for the robotic Assembly of the Rubik’s cube is 0.38 seconds.

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The Japanese engineers chose a more unusual approach and created a robot, manipulating an ordinary Rubik’s cube, a robotic cube, collecting himself. The first prototype he presented last year, but it was big enough and slow, and most importantly — it required an external oscilloscope that recorded the rotations of the segments on the basis of sensor data of the rotation angle.

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