Hungry vegan ate pork because of an error pizzerias

Hungry vegan ate pork because of an error pizzerias

A vegetarian from the British city of Newport, had never tried meat, ate pork because of an error of the pizzeria. This publication reports the Daily Mirror.


22-year-old Shannon rich (Shannon Rich) via the Internet ordered the veggie pizza at Domino’s Pizza. Shipping took a long time, so she was hungry. After receiving the order, she quickly ate two pieces and only after that noticed the meat.

“It was hidden, and I didn’t even know what it tastes like,” explains rich. She claims that she became ill, she ran to the bathroom and tried to induce vomiting. Then she called the pizza place and complained. They said that they brought exactly what was ordered.

Later the company offered her free pizza, and promised to investigate, but rich said that I will never eat from Domino’s Pizza, “After that incident, I never ate pizza and probably never will have,” she says.

In 2017, it was reported that the US Muslim found pork in Halal pizza from large chain restaurants are Little Caesars. He sued and demanded $ 100 million as compensation.