Former Beyonce drummer singer accused of witchcraft

Former Beyonce drummer singer accused of witchcraft

The former drummer of the band by American singer beyoncé said that R ‘n”B diva is practicing “extreme magic.” This writes the portal of the Blast on September 20.


Kimberly Thompson appealed to the court demanding to ban the performer to approach the woman. The lawsuit States that Beyonce has repeatedly used the magic to control the financial situation of their drummers.

Thompson also accused Beyonce run the campaign of “harassment” against her using the “black magic” and “magic spells of a sexual nature”.

Also, the girl accused a celebrity in the death of his kitten.

The judge denied Thompson’s claim.

The state of Minnesota declared August 8, the day beyoncé and her husband rap artist Jay-Z. date was legalized in anticipation of the concert pairs in the largest city in the state — Minneapolis.