A swarm of 60 thousand bees invaded the hospital

A swarm of 60 thousand bees invaded the hospital

Insects lived in the ceiling.


The hospital staff “Fulbourn”, Cambridge was surprised when the ceiling began to drip with real honey.

Panels in places where it was leaking fluid, had to be dismantled. In the end, rushed to the hospital and a huge swarm of bees.

Swarm of 60,000 BEES invade Cambridge hospital building https://t.co/GvaoMn6zjX pic.twitter.com/nRhNJeYs3q

— Siglov Freudivan (@DerangedRadio) 21 Sep 2018

Specialists who arrived to solve the problem, said that bees lived under the roof of the building over the years. This is evidenced by the huge amount of honeycomb and impressive bee colony, which can consist of 60 thousand insects.

It took 12 hours to get the entire swarm. Bees transported to a new place of residence, where they will have all the conditions to collect honey.

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