The coalition of States was taken from the Syrian province of the “officials” IG*

The coalition of States was taken from the Syrian province of the “officials” IG*

DAMASCUS, 22 Sep — RIA Novosti. The international coalition led by the USA were taken from the Syrian province of Deir ezzor the militants of the terrorist group “Islamic state”*, reported Reuters, citing local sources.


According to the Agency, the coalition carried out a landing near the village of al-Murshida, where IG*, and took the “officials” group in an unknown direction.

The US and its allies in 2014, is carried out in the Iraq and Syria operations against gam*, and in Syria, acting without the consent of the authorities of the country. Russia in 2015 leading the operation against terrorists at the request of Damascus.

The attack on Palmyra

In early September, the militants attacked positions of the Syrian army in 36 kilometres South-East of Palmyra. They tried to break out of the area of the settlement of al-TANF.

Two militants were killed and two were captured and testified. In particular, they said that had to spend near Palmyra a series of terrorist attacks and to provide a passage to the main forces of terrorists. To capture Palmyra they had planned for weeks.

The militants, according to them, belonged to gangs, the “Eastern lions”, with about 500 people. Their training camp was in the area At Tanfa near a us military base.

One of the captured terrorists said that their group was prepared including instructors from the United States. The weapons and ammunition were supplied with American bases.

* Banned in Russia as a terrorist organization.