How angry aunt Raisat

How angry aunt Raisat

When the sun sets over the horizon, she goes to the sea and waiting for: docks today sons. From personal experience know how over time you can lose everything.


— Why didn’t you say you’ll be there I’m to meet you needs?! — heard in the tube indignant voice rang aunt Raisat when I call to clarify how to get to the New Terek from Kraynovka. “Wait there, I’m coming!” — she commanded, in a tone precluding objections.

In a few minutes, briskly rattling the blue “penny” brings this, perhaps, the most incredible I’ve ever seen of Dagestan. Powerfully built, tanned, in a house dress with polka dots and tied back bandana, the bullet flies out of the machine, heat presses me to him and welcomed the others. “Let’s go,” and we’re jumping on the dried the track after this battle the captain’s. Two years ago, having been in the New Terek and met with a former fisherman, Raisat Magomedova, I said firmly: “Aunt Raisat, I definitely will write about you”.

The work, which has no end

We arrive outside RISAT: its court yard and two sons occupy it almost entirely. According to her, swept clean, broad, sun-scorched grass and trees tolstostennuyu, it is important marching white, large geese. Quiet and hot. Leaning back against the wall of the barn, in the narrow strip of shade sleeping sheep.

In the two years that I was not here, Raisat built one house, bought another, to the third he built and all the houses are sheathed with insulation.

Works almost always, she says, hard to find workers, all they want from a large amount of work, and she does everything slowly — as soon as money.Newsof the Mountain — side. Moscow with views of the Caucasus

Now Raysat five one-story, simple houses, a few rooms each, she rents them. Beside the sea she bought the land, brought the materials to him. Daughter lives two hours away from the village, but Raysat worried: what if she will need their homes, let it be. She already knows how at once you can lose everything.

Perhaps that is why recently RISAT began to increase and the number of livestock. Now three of the yard more than a hundred animals, of which more than six dozen cows with calves. The young people in her district tries to avoid not only cattle, but no garden. The adult generation holds one or three heads. Everything is on the market. So why? This is the second question that I have been to aunt Raisat. The first fell from the doorway:

— You cows of their milk by machine or manually?

— The apparatus is expensive because, by hand of course — she smiles, pours us a fragrant tea with herbs and strong cuts large watermelon.

— The same as I had to get angry in life, to such plowing or something? perplexed my companion.

“Drunk, beat, walked, endured”

How angry aunt Raisat, it becomes clear at a table in the unpretentious living room. Sofa, two armchairs, the oilcloth-covered table and an old, small TV.

— So I did not look for aunt Raysat the question, why not buy a new. In the evening a little look on the Internet for half an hour sit. And then in the winter when there’s less work.

— Why do you work so much, aunt Raisat? — I ask, finally, your main question.

— So life has developed. Married my mother gave me before, as in a nightmare got for fifteen years. The entire marriage, the husband did not work, beat, drinking, walking…