NASA has photographed a rare glowing clouds

NASA has photographed a rare glowing clouds

MOSCOW, 21 sen — news. NASA captured a rare atmospheric phenomenon — noctilucent clouds, which are also known as night shining or mesospheric clouds, reports Science Alert.


The mission of the NASA PMC Turbo took place in July over five days. With Esrange rocket range in Sweden, researchers launched into the mesosphere giant balloon with seven high-definition cameras and a LIDAR device (a device for the detection and identification range with light). It resulted in six million photos.

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The researchers hope that the information obtained will help them to better understand the structure of Earth’s upper atmosphere to improve weather forecasting.

The phenomenon of noctilucent clouds

Noctilucent clouds are the highest cloud formations in the mesosphere that occurs at the height of 70-95 km. For their formation requires large amounts of water vapor, very low temperature, the presence of minute dust particles on which water vapor congenerous, turning then into ice crystals.

A ground observer can see these bright translucent clouds in the twilight.